Natural News Fights GMOs

Natural News was founded in 2003 by the Health Ranger, aka Mike Adams, as a consumer health advocacy website. Natural News has published various articles on medical and agricultural concerns, with a particular focus on investigating the dangers of modern techniques and promoting holistic health. Natural News has currently turned its eye towards Genetically Modified Organisms, or GMOs.

GMOs are an unknown factor. GMOs are a new and untested technology for the production of food. Their effects on the body are completely unknown. GMOs, due to genetic engineering, can grow to larger sizes, resist foreign chemicals, and produce vitamins typically foreign to a given food. While these effects may sound beneficial, the alteration of foods on a molecular level can have unknown effects on the body. The long-term health effects of eating genetically modified foods are entirely unstudied and there is concern about the health risks it could cause, including cancer.

Natural News and the Health Ranger, due to the unstudied effects of GMOs, believe that all genetically modified foods should be labeled as such. Since GMOs tend to look the same as regular foods, it is important they be labeled so that they may be distinguished. GMO labeling allows for an informed consumer base, letting a person choose what goes into their body. While there is no legal enforcement of the labeling of GMOs, Natural Health has been lobbying stores to institute labeling programs on their own. Whole Foods, a grocery giant, has been convinced, and promises to have all their genetically modified foods labeled by 2018.


About Natural News

While also being one of the internet's best known journalists concerning health and natural products, the Health Ranger is also a science major. The Health Ranger has used this knowledge to become the popular investigative journalist he is today. He has also launched the SCIENCE sub-domain of Natural News, indexing over ten million scientific studies, as well as finding and manning the Forensic Food Laboratory in central Texas. The Health Ranger encourages others to become science majors.
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